Monday, November 1, 2010

an Unusual Cabaret December 4th at the Bowery Poetry Club

This December, Vangeline Theater has invited artists from all walks of Life to take part in a very special performance project...We asked comedians, performance artists, Butoh dancers, a contortionist, a fusion dancer to pick one piece of writing from a literary author ranging from Philip Sydney (1554- 1586) to Allan Sillitoe (1928-2010).
The performers will choose what to perform, but they will also pick one quote from one writer which either inspires them, is relevant to their performance on December 4th , or not at all!!!!!
Therefore we called the show: " From Sydney to Sillitoe: an Unusual Cabaret".
The evening will feature Butoh dancer Stacy Lynn Smith, Contortionist Jonathan Nosan, Fusion Dancer Extraordinaire Davey, post modern performance artists Raquel Almazan and Katherine Adamenko, Tangoh dancer Laurence Martin, and Margherita Tisato with the Vangeline Theater.
Contortion+ comedy+ post feminist discourse+ butoh + fusion danse and classic literature= what's not to love?
All our performers : can choose from the following authors:

Sir Philip Sidney
Edmund Spenser
Christopher Marlowe
William Shakespeare
Ben Johnson
John Donne
Andrew Marvell
John Milton
Samuel Pepys
John Bunyan
John Dryden
Alexander Pope
Jonathan Swift
William Congreve
Daniel Defoe
Samuel Richardson
Henry Fielding
Laurence Sterne
William Collins
William Blake
William Wordsworth
Samuel Coleridge
Lord Byron
Percy Shelley
John Keats
Jane Austen
Emily Bronte
Robert Browning
Charles Dickens
George Eliot
Thomas Hardy
Henry James
Oscar Wilde
Dylan Thomas
James Joyce
Virginia Woolf
George Orwell
Graham Greene
Samuel Beckett
Laurence Durrell
William Golding
Alan Sillitoe

On this blog we invite all the performers to share with us their literary journey as they look for an author or a quote which inspires them....
As they get ready for their performance...
Let's share away!

And I hope you may discover some great writers!
And we can discover something about your process as an artist as well...